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It has to be the pinnacle of every travel photographer's career: A National Geographic cover photo! Here's how I did
It's a new year and we're back in lockdown! Once again travel photography is out of bounds, so I cheered
Stars and stripes flags
Lightroom has many powerful tools to help organise and review photos. In fact the choice of options for setting up
This year has seen the world turned upside down by a global pandemic, making travel photography tough, perhaps even unethical.
Watermelon stock photo
"Is this any good for a stock photo?" said Rachael, as she produced a large watermelon out of a shopping
After years submitting photos to agents, I've finally launched my own stock photo site. This is a project I've had
Venice in winter
If you have a passion for photography, then there's a good chance you shoot more photos than you'll ever manage
The metadata panel in Lightroom Classic is an essential tool for adding information to your photos such as a title
I was lucky to get these photos of Britain's smallest bird, the goldcrest, feeding its young fledglings. (Ethical note: please
Just as we're getting used to the idea of watching (and shooting) 4K video, now manufacturers are trying to convince
The leather worker
With the nostalgia dial set to max, I shot a series of candid portraits over two days at Blists Hill
Being organised and efficient is a key ingredient to success in any business. This is especially true of photography, where
Front cover of Nature magazine
Nature’s art director, Kelly Krause, explains why they chose one of my photos to lead a story on the emerging