Digital downloads – Royalty Free licence terms

When purchasing a digital download on my website, you are paying for a licence to use the image under certain restrictions. This is called a Royalty Free licence and it provides a straightforward way to buy photos for commercial, editorial, and other uses. 

Upon purchasing a Royalty Free licence you can download the image without a watermark at the chosen file size, and use the photo any number of times and for a variety of uses:

  • You can use the image for advertising and promotion, unless the image is designated “For editorial use only”.
  • You can publish the image in media such as magazines, books and newspapers.
  • You can use the image for web content.
  • You can make up to 500,000 reproductions of the image for a particular use (with unlimited reproductions for magazines and newspapers).
  • You can use the image for as long as you like: the licence is indefinite.

There are a number of things that you CANNOT do with the image. In particular, my standard Royalty Free licence does not allow you to re-sell or re-distribute the image, either electronically or as a poster/print. Please refer to my General licence terms and Extended licence terms below for full details.

Please visit my shop to find and buy stock photos with a Royalty Free licence.

Extended licence terms

By purchasing an Extended licence you can do even more with the image:

  • Produce an unlimited number of reproductions in print runs.
  • Use the image on merchandise for sale, such as T-shirts, prints and posters.
  • Reproduce the photo within a video production.
  • Use the photo as part of a web template.
  • Display the image as artwork in a public place.

When you purchase an Extended licence, the image will be provided as a full resolution Jpeg. If you wish to download a super-high quality Tiff with your Extended licence, then this will be charged separately. Simply add both options to the cart.

Please note the General licence terms still apply. Remember, even with an Extended licence you cannot re-sell or re-distribute the image electronically.

General licence terms

The following terms and restrictions apply unless explicitly stated otherwise in the licence agreement:

  • The licence agreement applies to you and up to ten people working directly with you as a team (“You”).
  • You must not supply the image to others or make it available for download. You are responsible for ensuring that the image is held in a secure database and You must delete the image from that database when the licence expires.
  • You can only reproduce the image for the purpose specified in the licence agreement provided with the image.
  • Images that are designated “Editorial use only” must not be used for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes.
  • When the image is used for editorial purposes then it must be reproduced together with a credit line “Paul Maguire”, “”, “Image © Paul Maguire”, or a similar variant. Where practical please include a hyperlink to this website.
  • The licence is non-exclusive (unless stated otherwise in the licence agreement) and cannot be sub-licensed or assigned to others.
  • You cannot re-sell or re-distribute the image electronically. You must not make the image available for others to download, buy or share.
  • You cannot produce the image as prints, posters, or any other artwork, or reproduce it on any merchandise, without first purchasing an Extended Licence.
  • You cannot display the image as artwork without first purchasing an Extended Licence.
  • A licence does not transfer copyright ownership. I never sell the copyright to my photos, so please do not ask.
  • The image may not be used as a reference for drawings or for other visual works including photography.
  • The image must not be used for a logo, trademark or other service mark.
  • The image must not be used in a defamatory, pornographic, fraudulent or otherwise illegal manner.
  • If the image has a model or property release it will be indicated on the image details on my website. I provide no guarantee or indemnity as to the accuracy of this information. It is Your responsibility to obtain the releases if required and to satisfy Yourself that all the necessary permissions are given for Your intended use.
  • You are responsible for checking the image and associated information, including captions and keywords, for any defects or inaccuracies before using the image. If there are substantial defects associated with the image I will offer to provide a substitute image or cancel the agreement for a full refund, provided that the image has not been reproduced by You.
  • I shall not be held liable for any loss suffered by You or a third party, arising from any use of the image or any defect in the image or any inaccuracy in the information provided with it.
  • This agreement will be governed by the laws of England, excluding the law of conflicts.